Hi everyone, we are Monica and Valentina better known as: Weddings on demand.

      And today with our new website we officially inaugurate our “blog“!  Why now? Simple, because fortunately or unfortunately, we’ve finished the excuses to postpone!

      We’re here to talk a little about ourselves and dive into this new blog adventure.

      The first real adventure happened in 2011, when we decided to join our forces and respective backgrounds, to dedicate ourselves to the Tourism and Event planning fields.

      That was a real dive into the unknown! We were 26 years old.

      At the beginning it wasn’t easy, but we knew since the start that putting our efforts in promoting Tourism towards Italy was the right path.

      The adventure began with Rome on demand, an agency specializing Incoming services towards Italy. Providing support for international couples willing to tie the knot in Italy came quite natural. And so after seven years we’re still here doing the job of our dreams!

      We’ve known each other since we were 15 years old, a friendship that grew in high school.

      Monica, english mother tongue with a working background in Tourism and Events. Some years working as an Account Executive for a Media agency (that taught me so much!) Loves cinema, music and everything that can stimulate my imagination. Determined, stubborn and often shamelessly honest! A working machine from the early morning, but please don’t ask me to dine after 8pm!

      Valentina, graduated in History of Arts.  I love to sleep (life before my son Edoardo).  Precise, well organized and tremendously patient. Love to cook and therefore eat, so please don’t mention me any diet!  After 10 years in the tourism field, often dealing with the managment of Groups and Incentives, I decided to divert my skills exclusively into planning weddings.

      Our two backgrounds, as well as our characters, are absolutely complementary and perfectly match our common goal: Destination Weddings.

      We hope you’ll stick around to read more about our advetures!

      M & V