The Lazio region, often living in the shadow of it’s capital the eternal city of Rome, offers one of the finest selections of wedding possibilities along with the region of Tuscany.

      By just driving a few km from the city, you will come across the Lazio countryside, surrounded by beautiful lakes, romantic castles, italian villages, country houses and villas. Some of Italy’s most unique wedding halls and churches are in Lazio, not to mention the endless number of small medieval and renaissance towns that create that perfect backdrop for your destination wedding in Italy.

      Whether you will choose the historic capital Rome, or an historic provincial town surrounded by verdant countryside for you barn yard wedding dinner, it will be an experience you will never forget.

      The Etruscans ruled Lazio for almost a millennium, and important Etruscan sites are found in the region. The most significant is probably Tarquina, on the southern coast, where necropoli remain. Other key ancient sites in Lazio are Ostia Antica and Tivoli. The villa which once belonged to the Roman Emperor Hadrian is still standing at the latter.

      Viterbo a town at Lazio’s center, is a good base from which to discover these historic sites and their surrounding countryside. Lovely villas and gardens are found nearby. Three large lakes, Bracciano Vico and Bolseno, are also highly popular, particularly in the summer. They are ideal for swimming and simply relaxing in the open air.

      The east of Lazio is populated by dramatic mountains, as is a good part of the south of the region. The town of Rieti is an ideal stopping-off point before heading off to discover the landscapes.

      Along the southern coastline are many resorts, such as Anzio, Nettuno, Terracina and Sperlonga. The Pontine Islands are also highly recommended, as they are truly some of Italy’s undiscovered gems.

      This and so much more in a Region that needs to be discovered as much as the rest of the Italian Penisula.